Junior Tour Guides


Training children and young people to be tour guides for other learners.

Live onsite, online and on film.



The award-winning Junior Tour Guide project encompasses not just children and young people learning how to guide tours.

We also run projects where young people learn how to lead object handling sessions, activities and games as well as outreach presentations to groups unable to physically access a site.

Huntly Castle

Why invest in a Junior Tour Guide project

Trinity House Maritime Museum

There are significant long-term benefits both to the site and to the children participating including

  • Increased confidence, communication and presentation skills, team work and self-esteem – valuable Developing the Young Workforce skills
  • Local community participation at a heritage site/museum over a long term creating a meaningful partnership for sites with children, schools and families
  • Can inspire a lifelong commitment to and interest in heritage and conservation
  • Enhances and supports curriculum
  • Attractive offer to other schools to visit the Junior Tour Guides
  • A unique learning experience – child led learning, engaging with peers
  • Sandford Heritage Education Award winning program and highly praised in HMIE Inspections
  • Easily adapts to become an online and/or film making experience
  • Roles are found for all children to be included regardless of ability and/or interests

Scottish Seabird Centre

Trinity House Maritime Museum

Passion and process

How we approach each project

Our aim

Our aim is to immerse the trainee Junior Tour Guides with such a passion and interest in their local site that they want to share it with others and protect it for the future.

How we achieve this

We do this by introducing children to the site, supporting school staff to set up classroom topic learning and providing training and rehearsals to nurture each child’s confidence and presentation skills.

The finished results

Children usually present in costume and character. They provide an interactive experience for the audience with activities like object handling, drama and quizzes built into the tour.

This Historic Environment Scotland documentary gives you an insight to the journey  and benfits to participating in a Junior Tour Guide project.

Further information

See a Junior Tour Guide in action

If you would like to take a tour with any of the Junior Tour Guides we work with you can contact us and we can provide information on how to book.

Watch these Junior Tour Guides give a tour of Doune Castle.

A Junior Tour Guide of Bishop’s & Earl’s Palaces (Kirkwall).

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Current projects


Our award winning Junior Tour Guides scheme has enabled us to work creatively to develop innovative programmes to equip our young people with the skills and confidence required to become ambassadors for their local heritage.

Craig Fletcher
Senior Learning Manager

Historic Environment Scotland