Popular Workshops

We are probably best known for our work training Junior Tour Guides at historic sites across the country including the children who deliver tours at Linlithgow Palace, Rosslyn Chapel, Craigmillar Castle and many more.
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Illuminate UK - Drama education allows both adults and children to explore, discover, define, create and make sense of themselves and the people and world around them.

This is what our workshops enable our participants to do:

  • Build Confidence
  • Understand and appreciate heritage
  • Explore relationships
  • Improve service
  • Develop presentation and communication skills

"Illuminate are ideal partners for Castleview Primary School, giving annual support to our Craigmillar Castle Junior Tour Guides. The Illuminate Team help the children to be performance ready, building confidence and teaching dramatic strategies. The childrens' performances received the highest commendation from HMIE during our Inspection. The Illuminate partnership allows us to deliver Curriculum for Excellence at the highest level."

Lindsey Watt, Headteacher, Castleview Primary School

"After only a short time, Karen manages to bring out the best in each pupil and they are eager to perform. Former pupils have all commented that it is through their work with Karen that their listening and talking skills were successfully developed."

Andrea Berry, Principal Teacher, Roslin Primary School